The Lost and the Damned

The Lost and the Damned is a wonderful science fiction novel. It is chapter 2 of the series Siege of Terra: The Horus Heresy, Book 2. The author of the novel is Guy Haley. Guy Haley is a great writer and author. He wrote Horus Heresy novel Pharos. He wrote The Beast Arises series. He is the co-author of Warhammer 40,000 novels. His famous novels are Imperial Battle Tanks, Dante, and Valedor. If you want to listen to his best then do refer to his The Devastation of Baal and Plague War novels. These novels are getting a five-star rating from listeners.

Jonathan Keeble is the narrator of this novel. He narrated this audio with a clear voice. The length of this audio is twelve hours and forty-two minutes. Jonathan Keeble takes you in the novel and you feel yourself a part of the novel.

Guy Haley a great writer, in this novel he explained how Solar War ended and how the Siege of Terra has started.  Traitors release their poisonous weapons, throne world protectors face plague and nightmares. But Terra is still there.

The attack on Terra began on the thirteen days of Secundus the powerful wrap and the disturbing strength of the Traitors overcomes through solar protection. The author tells about the most horrible things that happened in the War.  The massive ground war starts outside the fortress. They are facing trouble to save the lives of billions. The front army faced horrible and the air was reduced to blood and poison. Dead bodies are thrown into the grinder. The story becomes most horrible at this moment.

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