The Traitor’s Hand

The Traitor’s Hand is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the third installment in Ciaphas Cain: Warhammer 40,000 novel series. The book is written by Sandy Mitchell. He is a British author and his real name is Alex Stewart. He has plenty of nice novels to his name. Cain’s Last Stand and For the Emperor are two of his very best novels.

The audio narration of the book is done by Stephen Perring, Andrew James, Penelope Rawlins, and Emma Gregory. There was nothing wrong with the narration but it was very poorly edited. There was an old rival and some infighting with the regiments of the fellow Astra Militarum. Then, there was also a tiny matter of a cult that was devoted to the hope of Chaos God Slaanesh derail Commissar Cain. It was all for an uneventful and quiet mission. [The Traitor’s Hand Audiobook]

The Traitor's Hand Audiobook
The Traitor’s Hand Audiobook

The latest mission of Ciaphas Cain took him to the Adumbria planet along with his Valhallan regiment. The need was to defend all against the quickly approaching Chaos. The infighting with the fellow regiments of the Imperial Guard from the Tallarn world put paid to any kind of hopes of having an easy life. [The Traitor’s Hand Audiobook]

The book makes a grand addition to an excellent series. Everything is perfect about this book, except for some audio editing issues. Moreover, there were a few places where the narrator could be heard messing up the lines. That broke the rhythm of the story. Despite that, it is worth having a go at. On the other side, the story made the Chaos marines appear to be a lot easier to be killed. This was not something that the fans were expecting to be.

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