Rhythm of War

Rhythm of War

The Rhythm of War is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the fourth installment in the Stormlight Archive novel series. It is written by Brandon Sanderson. He writes science fiction and epic fantasy novels. The Cosmere fictional universe created by him became his identity. The Lost Metal novel by Brandon Sanderson will make a very good read. Evershore is another novel that is loved by a lot of fans in the audio format.

The narration of Rhythm of War novel is done by the duo of Hate reading and Michael Kramer. They make a perfect male and female combo and the performance turned out to be sensational.

After setting up a coalition against the enemy invasion with the human resistance, Dalinar along with his Knights Radiant spent a complete one year fighting a brutal, protracted war. Neither side had any advantage and the betrayal threat by Taravangian was looming over every strategic move.

The new technology discoveries by the scholars of Navani Kholin started to shape the war. The enemy started to set up a dangerous and bold operation. The arms race which follow would alter the base of the Radiant ideals. It would potentially reveal all of the secrets associated with the ancient tower which was considered to be their strength at one point in time.

At the same time, the Kaladin Storm blessed should look to get hold of the altering role within the Knights Radiant. His Windrunners on the other side had to tackle their own set of problems.

The rhythm of War has got a phenomenal story with a good cast of characters. People started this novel with not high expectations but they were pleasantly surprised.

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