Saturnine Audiobook

This tale “Saturnine” is written by Dan Abnett and narrated by Jonathan Keeble along with Emma Gregory. This is the 4th volume of “The Horus Heresy” series. Dan Abnett is a renowned comic book writer and upon his marvelous work, he has been nominated for “National Comics Award for Best Writer in Comic world.

It is his hilarious writing that tributes to his carpentry saints, bits of knowledge into the ethos of carpentry in America. This “Know No Fear” is one of the remarkable pieces of writing which will grab the attention of the readers. These Straight Silver and Horus Rising are outstanding publications by Dan Abnett. As the tricksters fixed their grasp on “Terra” Rogal Dorn should marshal the Imperial hosts to endure the hardship. However, not the entirety of the safeguards will endure the onslaught. I really like Saturnine Audiobook.

Saturnine Audiobook
Saturnine Audiobook

Dan Abnett gets back to the “Horus Heresy” experience one of the essential phases of the access as both “Rogal Dorn and Horus” matched brains in a round of butchery where the board is simply the “Throneworld” and one wrong action could prompt absolute destruction. I really like Saturnine Audiobook.

The “Traitor Host of Horus Lupercal” fixed its iron hold on the Palace of “Terra” and individually the dividers and strongholds started to fold and fall. Rogal Dorn who was the escort of “Terra” tried harder to keep the steady foe under control however his powers were inconceivably dwarfed and miserably outgunned. Dorn basically can’t safeguard everything. Any possibility of endurance currently required penance however what fights might he venture to lose with the goal that others could win? Is there one strategic stroke or one essential battle that could switch things around always and win the conflict altogether?

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    1. There are a bunch of duplicate tracks on this one. Quite frustrating, since it’ll play back to back chapters. I think some may also be out of sequence. It made for a pretty confusing listen at times. Is there any way for someone to edit this upload? Hopefully it gets fixed for future listeners.


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