The Green Mile

“The Green Mile” is a riveting novel by Stephen King that has been adapted into a highly acclaimed movie and an equally captivating audiobook. The audiobook is narrated by Frank Muller and runs for approximately 14 hours and 21 minutes. It is a haunting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The story is set in Cold Mountain Penitentiary, a death row prison in Louisiana. The protagonist of the story is a prison guard named Paul Edgecombe. He is responsible for the inmates on death row and has seen many of them come and go. However, when a new inmate named John Coffey arrives, Edgecombe’s world is turned upside down. Coffey is a large black man who has been accused of murdering two young girls. However, as the story unfolds, Edgecombe realizes that Coffey is not what he seems. The novel is divided into six parts or “milestones” that take the reader through the different stages of Coffey’s journey. The story is told through the eyes of Edgecombe, and we are taken on a journey through his thoughts and emotions as he tries to make sense of the inexplicable events that take place.

One of the things that make this audiobook so engaging is the way that the author, Stephen King, creates a vivid sense of place. The prison is described in great detail, and we can almost smell the dampness and decay of the cells. The characters are also well developed, and we get a sense of their personalities and motivations. This helps to make the story feel more real and immersive. The audiobook is narrated by Frank Muller, who does an excellent job of bringing the story to life. His voice is rich and full of emotion, and he captures the different characters’ voices and mannerisms perfectly. He also has an excellent sense of timing and pacing, which helps to build suspense and tension throughout the story.

One of the things that make this audiobook stand out is the way that it blends elements of different genres. The story is part horror, part thriller, and part drama. This helps to keep the story fresh and engaging, and there is always something new and exciting happening. Overall, “The Green Mile” is an excellent audiobook that is well worth listening to. It is a haunting story that will stay with you long after you have finished listening. The combination of Stephen King’s masterful storytelling and Frank Muller’s excellent narration makes for an unforgettable listening experience.

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