Fallen Sepulchre

DormaSai had the warriors who stood firm against the wrath of the Ancients when all the other warriors just ran away like flies. Ember, Kael, and Max have fought hard for the safety of the land and have successfully made the enemy retreat. This is another game now as enemies return in the form of Ancients and a war machine that can destroy everything in a flash. Ember and Max have lost Kael and they think they might not be able to handle things on their own.


Soon they hear about the DeathWizard which looks a bit strange to them. The new also brings new vibrant energy in Ember and Max because they hope that this could be a chance to bring Kael back to the physical world. Two missions go side by side in this one, the two heroes are desperate to bring their friend back to life and they want to save the land too which has become their home now.

News about the civil war and attacks from the outside world is just making things terrible, if the two main characters can pull out this one it would be a miracle no doubt. J.D. Franx, the famous author who created The Curse of Home and Blood of the Lost knows how to finish a story in the right way.

The addition of Simon Vance as the narrator of the story was really fun because the narrator is a real class on his own. There are a lot of fans who cannot say no to a story that is narrated by Simon Vance so the man has a huge group of fans who are always looking for new stuff narrated by him.

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