Destroyer is the ultimate title of The Expansion Wars Trilogy. It is a science fiction and fantasy novel and series. It is written by Joshua Dalzelle. He is one of those writers who you can easily trust to provide you with some nonstop entertainment through his science fiction books. If you are interested in more work from the author then To Hell and Back is one great book for you. The No Quarter is yet another sensational title from the author.

The audio narration of Destroyer is done by Mark Boyett. He has been the voice of many novels that Joshua Dalzelle has written. After listening to him, you really couldn’t think about anyone else replacing him. The story starts with the mention of the Dark war machine which was seen to be flagging.

But, the war in reality was far off from being over. Even after some exhausted Federation military tensed up for making a counterattack, there were reports of some new and much more powerful ship. It was the one that made strikes much deep into the Terran space.

Captain Jackson Wolfe was provided with the newest fleet. That was the most advance and innovative destroyer and the given task was to eliminate the fresh threat before it claims any more lives. What he found there was unexpectedly more dangerous than any new starship class. Destroyer is a great finale to an outstanding trilogy. There will be a few unexpected heartbreakers that will make you even more immersed in the story. You must not miss out on this amazing novel. It will be great fun if you finish the first two chapters of this trilogy first.

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