A Perilous Eden

Amber thought that she would have a good journey on a luxurious cruise that was going to the Caribbean but actually she had made the biggest mistake of her life. On the cruise, there were a number of important and rich people as well so it was bound to have an accident. Amber sees the abduction of a senator on the ship who was her father’s friend as well. Then she gets abducted as well before she could tell anyone about the crime.

She thinks that her life would come to an end very soon but it gets a romantic twist when she is saved by the man with whom she slept a year ago. Michael Adams came to rescue the senator and he had no idea that he would meet Amber once again at this place. Adams lost his family long ago since then he has been hunting the bad guys in order to satisfy his heart.

He might have lost everything but that one night with Amber provided him the spark which he needed to rise once again. Heather Graham came up with a very good story in Dying Breath and now the author has constructed the best.

Here the heroic figure i.e Adams wants to admit his love for Amber but he is afraid because this might make her a target just like his wife who died in front of him. Amber on the other hand is ready to do everything for the only man who has touched her heart during all these years. She does not care whether she has to face a group of rogue men for her love.

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