Time Was

Time Was is the first book from Time and Again novel series. This is a romance novel which is written by the #1 bestselling author of romance, Nora Roberts. She has written well over 225 novels in her career and most of them did quite well for the audience and those who are more into romance fantasy novels. She has the distinction to be the first novelist of romance who found a spot in the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame. If you like the author and her type of novel then the First Impressions title will be a great choice to be added to your reading list. If you like this one then The Choice novel the author will also make an enjoyable listening experience.

The audio narration of Time Was is done by Luke Daniels. He is usually a good narrator but he miserably failed this time to create any good impression with his performance in front of the listeners.

Calen Hornblower was a time traveler. He was marooned in the present life and his major problem was not to return to the 23rd century. He was miserably falling head over heels for the mesmeric Liberty Stone. She was the one who showed him the love that was supposed to be a lot more authoritative than the time itself. Caleb knew that he belonged to the future, but how could he leave behind the past and as well as Liberty?

The first major complaint that one could have with this audio novel is about the love scenes. You will find them to be quite unrealistic and overboard as well. After this, the narrator wasn’t that good. At times his voice felt as if he was choking. Still, it couldn’t be marked as a disastrous performance.

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