This Guild Is Batty!

This Guild Is Batty is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the third chapter in This Trilogy Is Broken. The book is written by J. P. Valentine. He is the bestselling author with some really good titles to his name and one of them is This Plot Is Bananas! Moreover, This Class Is Bonkers! is another stunning novel that J. P. Valentine has written.

The audio narration of This Guild Is Batty is done by Andrew Tell. He performed this novel quite well and the listeners had some good things to share about this performance.

The invitation was finally in hand. That was the time to travel north by Eve and her friends to search for the legendary Dragonwrought. They were supposed to go there with a single-minded focus. This would help them to trek fairly deep in the mountains and ignore the assault of the side quests willfully. Those side quests were distracting and they were threatening their journey to be derailed.

The only few things that anybody could know about the deceptive Dragonwrought were their deep links with the dragon. Those were the dragons that were known to roam the skies that would be well beyond their keep. Another piece of information about those Dragonwrought was that they hadn’t ever taken any chance with a recruit over several decades.

This book is as enjoyable as the first two books in the series. The LGBT characters in the book were really funny. Precisely, the listeners would witness the best sense of the dark humor as well as some of the overpowered adventures.  The credit must go to both the author and narrator of this book.

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