The Way of Kings

Story is about a land which is in its worst state apparently because there land faces constant storms which makes living on it almost impossible. Still the people of the land have adapted well to the situation and they have their own special structure of the houses too. Condition of the people has not stopped the kings and the rulers of the land from fighting. There was a time when a group of knights used to keep balance on the land but it has become a thing of the past now. The knights are gone now but their invincible armors are still present on the land. The armors are called the Shardblades by the locals and they can do anything to get their hands on the pieces of these armors. Once you have armor then you can become invincible in war thus these can serve as the tool for winning the war.
Fight of such kind has started on a place known as the Shattered Plains and looks like it will engulf a lot of lives. Brandon Sanderson after a while takes us away from the war zone and starts telling us about a woman who is training in an isolated zone. Her uncle is teaching her the skills to fight for a special purpose. When the girl comes to know about the reality she quickly leaves the place and sets on an independent journey. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer narrate Sanderson’s work better than any other narrator present in the world of today. The Final Empire and Rhythm of War are fine examples of such performances by these two narrators. The role of the woman in this novel is bound to go very deep in the next chapters because she only knows the true cause of the war. .

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