The Stand

The Stand is a horror fiction novel which is written by Stephen King. This is arguably the best title of Stephen King which received a lot of appreciation and praise for the author in the form of reviews and feedback. Apart from this, It is another popular novel by the author. Another good novel to try from the author is his On Writing.

The audio narration of The Stand is done by Grover Gardner. He is an acclaimed, award-winning narrator who proved to be the best choice for narrating this novel. His performance was outclassed for this novel.

The world would end with just a nanosecond of error in the computer system of a Defense Department laboratory along with millions of contacts of the casual type forming the links in a chained letter of death.

And the view of a new world just a day after would be of a stripped land of its institution and it will be emptied with 99% of its population. It was a world where a few survivors left would take sides or will be the chosen ones. That was a world where the good was known to ride over the weak shoulders of Mother Abigail, who was 108 years old. Moreover, the worst possible nightmare of evil was embodied by a man having a lethal smile and in possession of some unspeakable powers. That was the dark man, Randall Flagg.

The Stand novel by Stephen King has got everything including romance, adventure, suspense, realism, satire, apocalypse, prophecy, and fantasy. This is for sure a must-try audiobook. This novel has the potential to become one of your all-time favorites and you would love to listen to its audio version on a loop.

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