The Pillars of Creation

Terry Goodkind introduces three main characters here and all of them are in deep trouble. They want to enjoy life or at least live free but this is something which is not allotted to them at all. Jennsen throughout her life has been hearing voices that do not allow her to rest, the more she tries to pacify her mind the more trouble she gets in the process.

 Sometimes she thinks that she has gone mad because the voices don’t seem to make any sense to her. Then finally instead of just sitting, she decides to take a step and investigate what is going on with her. When she starts exploring she is terrified to know that those voices that she has been hearing were all for real.

Problem however still remains because she cannot just help those people because she is being controlled by evil forces. Then in another corner of the world the narrator Jim Bond introduces us to Richard Rahl and Kahlan. The husband and wife have been living apart from each other for a very long time and now they have finally got together. Ironically the meeting does not prove to be an ideal one because the place where they unite is threatened by war.

Troubles surround these two like Wizard’s First Rule and Stone of Tears, as they try to escape into the outer world more problems come their way. Thus they are forced to confront those problems because running is not an option in Terry’s stories. Together they fight against the odds and crave for that one happy moment they have been planning for.

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