The Monster Hunter Files

The Monster Hunter Files Audiobook

The Monster Hunter Files is a science fiction and fantasy book with a collection of stories. It is a chapter out of the Monster Hunter novel series. It is written by Larry Correia and has stories by Jonathan Maberry, Jim Butcher, and Faith Hunter. If you want something more of the type from Larry Correia then Monster Hunter Bloodlines and Monster Hunter International will make a very good choice.

When Khristine Hvam, Oliver Wyman, and Bailey Carr are on the cover of any book as the narrators then you know that it will be a rollercoaster ride. After finishing this book, you will be endorsing that for sure. They were excellent with their variety of voices which were used for different characters. [The Monster Hunter Files Audiobook]

The Monster Hunter Files Audiobook
The Monster Hunter Files Audiobook

The Monster Hunter International for more than a century had kept the entire world safe from all sorts of supernatural threats. The MHI this time opened up their archives for the very first time. From a range of experienced hunters on extremely tough cases to the initial encounters by the newbies, The Monster Hunter Files has got it all. It also reveals all about the secret history of the most elite monster of the world who was fighting force. [The Monster Hunter Files Audiobook]

You will be pleasantly surprised to find out about Agent Franks’s future and his take in World War II on the Nazis. On top of that, you will be uncovering the Combat Exorcists deal of the Vatican’s in Mexico with the Old Ones as well.

This book offers a short and fun addition to the Monster Hunter series. Those who prefer short stories with full action over longer ones then they will love this one. The entertainment was all doubled with a spectacular vocal performance by all the contributing narrators.

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