Saving Faith

Saving Faith is a political thriller & suspense novel by David Baldacci. If you are after the best mystery thriller and suspense novels then you are at the right place. David has given plenty of exciting novels to his fans and one of his best titles is No Man’s Land: John Puller, Book 4. Moreover, the Long Shadows novel of the author is also great. The audio narration of the Saving Faith novel is done by Michael Kramer. He is usually a good narrator but not for this one. His breathy voice was very annoying for the listeners.

In a wooden Northern Virginia area that was not too far from Washington, there was a small house at the corner of a gravel road. That house was meant for a special purpose. The special security apparatus along with the hidden cameras made there made it a good place for the FBI to use for interviewing a critical witness. It was of a young woman who was having an incredibly critical story to tell. But, some people knew all about that secret meeting. A violent drama for them was just about to start.

Lee Adams, a local private investigator has come to that secret house that was on the orders of one of his clients. Another man there was a hired killer. He was the one who stakes that house on the given orders of his influential paymasters. Faith Lockhart was the witness who came there to inform the FBI about everything that she knew about the immensely resourceful lobbyists with whom she had worked before…

Saving Faith is well-plotted and intriguing. The narration was too bad though.

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