Pop Goes the Weasel

Pop Goes the Weasel

This tale ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ is James Patterson’s incredible writing. He is a well-known American writer and famous for his detective writings. The following The Lost Metal and The Grace of Kings are his other suggestive writings for the readers. Michael Kramer also amazingly narrated this volume to grab the attention of the readers.

Analyst Alex Cross is back, and he was enamored. Sadly, a progression of chilling killings in Washington mediated with an unexpected development. Cross’ brilliant quest for the idiosyncratic executioner delivers a suspect and an English representative named Geoffrey Shafer. In any case, demonstrating that Shafer was the killer turned into a troublesome and destructive errand. As the representative takes part in a splendid series of astonishing countermoves, both all through the court, Cross and his fellows become irredeemably engaged with the most vital miscreant Cross has at any point confronted. 

Pop Goes the Weasel
Pop Goes the Weasel

This is one of Patterson’s best books in the Alex Cross series. The story is holding, the plot grows intelligently with startling turns that keep it energizing. However, Michael Kramer’s portrayal is both winded and breathy. Pretty much every sentence closes with a discernible puff of air that turned out to be very irritating inside the initial reading duration. In this book with various global characters, it is an honor to have a storyteller who was fruitful at separating complements. It was extremely challenging to differentiate the characters.

This is another incredible Alex Cross tale. He is more powerful than in the past books. The Reprobate is malicious but reasonable.

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