Never Split the Difference

Being a negotiator really pays in life and this is one art that will not let you fall behind in any other field. Chris Voss used to be a negotiator in his career and during his early youth, he worked for the FBI in several serious cases. He used to talk to the criminals during the hostage situation or even during bank robberies so that no harm comes to the life of the people.
Almost on all occasions, Voss was successful and it was because of him that many serious situations ended without bloodshed. Now after retirement, Voss started thinking about using his skill in a different way. Michael Kramer narrates how Voss started applying his skill of negotiation in other departments of life too.

He very quickly understood that it was applicable in every department and even if you are not a criminal negotiator you are still a negotiator who can use his skills while buying anything during grocery. The author devised nine proper principles that can help the negotiation process and make your life quite easy. While buying a car or during a job interview, the negotiation process continues and it will help you in making better decisions in life.

This thing can be used during your talk with your partner on a certain thing. A negotiator knows how to deal with a thing in a better way because he has suggestions in mind all the time. If you thought of this book as Tender Is the Night then surely you have made a mistake because it is not romance. Still, we can say that it is an awesome book that teaches us things that are applicable in real life and it really works.

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