Lone Eagle

Two characters who happen to be completely different from each other keep on meeting in the story until they realize that they can be soul mates. Kate and Joe were never like each other in their habits and also in their likes and dislikes. They met each other when they were teenagers and they continued meeting each other at different stages of life.

Although it was a coincidence all the time because they weren’t planning the meetings. Still, they realized that their fate had other plans for them. Danielle Steel has knitted many love stories and this one stands tall among the rest because this one also talks about the separation of the two lovers as well. For thirty four years, the two lovers live together and during this time they enjoy all the pleasures of life.

Then on one occasion, Kate was waiting for Joe to return to her but he fails to come back and she finally understands how important he was in her life. It is after the sad news that the narrator Ron McLarty narrates that the audience gets the chance to look at the past life of these two lovers. Kate starts remembering everything from the beginning and we can say that the novel starts in the past rather than in the present.

Have the idea of The Whittiers and Neighbors in the mind then get ready for an even better portrayal of a love story. Even though we are told that the two lovers are not together but we remain interested in their love tale. The time they spent together was not ample for them because they wanted to be with each other forever.

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