Blood Song

Blood Song Audiobook

Transforming into the Warrior of Faith is the fate of Vaelin because he has been given no other choice in his life. He was just a little child when his father left him on the door of the Sixth Order and since then they are like his family and he does not know anyone else in the world.

The boy remembers the love of his mother but he has a little anger for his father in his heart. He thinks that his father abandoned him at the time when he needed him the most. Also, his father apparently deprived him of his birthright as well which is injustice according to Vaelin.

Blood Song Audiobook
Blood Song Audiobook

One thing which Vaelin does not know at the start of this part is that his father had a special purpose behind the entire act. Anthony Ryan has never written a book without a special motive in stock for the hero but that motive is always hidden. Tower Lord made us go round and round in ideas till we finally approached the real message of the story and Queen of Fire also made the fans toil for the real purpose.

Steven Brand likes narrating such stories so he was given the task to narrate this novel. Vaelin is destined to emerge as a hero in the story but this is not conveyed to us directly. The hidden aspects always make the story special for all of us because the story seems to be spicy in this way. The hero fights different things in life in order to achieve greatness at the end. It is actually the hard work that makes the hero strong in comparison to others.

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