A Clash of Fates

A Clash of Fates is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the ninth book in The Echoes Saga novel series which is authored by Philip C. Quaintrell. He is known for writing science fiction and epic fantasy where The Echoes Saga is his most renowned series. The best novel of the author arguably has to be Relic of the Gods. Apart from this, Empire of Dirt is the novel from the author which will be a very close second.

The audio narration of A Clash of Fates is done by Steven Brand. It was a wonderful performance and you will have a good time with this narration. That was finally the end and why shouldn’t it be? Fate is something that doesn’t wait for anyone.

That had unraveled across long ages. It was a kind of web woven all through the millennia which was dominated by lots of blood and chaos. Now, all of that we saw shall come to pass. There was absolutely nothing that the Verda heroes could do to restrict it. After many years of preparation and planning, Alijah was finally all set to change the course of the world. He would work to break all the scales of power that were all across the realm. He was also determined to secure his victory and then ensure eternal reign in the realm. There was no line there that he wouldn’t think about crossing. There will be no such sacrifice that couldn’t bring peace to the place.

This novel brought the saga to a very emotional end. The excellent voice acting by Steven Brand added more emotion to it. The writing and the characters were adorable too.

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